Welcome to 2nd Grade!

I would like to start off by telling you a little bit about myself. I grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I attended Minnesota State University - Moorhead for two and a half years. I decided to finish my schooling in Milwaukee. I received my bachelor’s degree from UW-Milwaukee in Early Childhood Education. After graduation I moved back home and began substitute teaching in the Saint Paul/West Saint Paul Public School Districts as well as charter and private schools in Minneapolis. I then spent three years teaching in North Minneapolis charter schools. After this time I was hired by the Minneapolis Public School District where I was lucky enough to find Pratt. I have been with Pratt for almost 3 years now. During this time, I got married and had two wonderful children - Brielle who just turned 2 and Liam who is 6 months old. I spent my first year as a 3rd grade teacher. This will be my second year as a 2nd grade teacher. I am so excited to be returning and very eager to meet you and your students!

I am in the classroom everyday at 8:00am. If you would like to meet me or if you have any questions/concerns I am available before school, from 8:00-9:00. I am also willing to make time after school to meet with you.Please call or email me in advance to set up meetings. If you are unable to come in and meet with me you may call me at 651-600-8311 or email me at


Fun Facts About Me:

*My Hobbies Include: Camping, Mountain Biking, Disc golf, Baking, Knitting and more

*Sports Played: Basketball, Rugby, Soccer and Track (shotput/discus)

*Favorite Movie: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

*Favorite Meal: Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Milk



Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

A plantmobile came to our class to teach us about the life cycle of a plant. We also learned about honey bees and how scientist develope new varieties of apples.

One of Our Many Fun Lessons with Roger

Roger is a guest speaker from the University of Minnesota. He teaches six lessons on how important it is to eat healthy and to have healthy habits. His lessons are very engaging and the kids get excited to see him everytime!

Our 1st Field Trip - The Children's Theater

We went to the Children's Theater to watch Elephant and Piggie We are in a Play.Within in the week prior to our trip, second grade read specific Elephant and Piggie books so we would be familiar with the references in the play. The play was fantastic and we loved it!

Our 2nd Grade Personal Narrative Presentation

The second grade students worked extremely hard writing their personal narratives. they spent weeks creating, editing, revising and illustrating their stories. To celebrate, we invited their parents to listen to their narratives.

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