Welcome to 4th Grade!
Laura Matanah

Welcome to Room 206!

I've been teaching in Minneapolis for over ten years. I love working with students and families.

Here is my contact information:

My email is laura.matanah@mpls.k12.mn.us

If you need to reach me immediately about things such as changes in today's afterschool plans, please call the office at 612.668.1122. 

In our classroom every fourth grader can expect:

A Warm Welcome- Every day we’ll have a morning meeting to greet each other and prepare for the day.

Lots of Learning- I will make clear what we are learning and how you and I will know when you’ve learned it.  We’ll both feel good seeing how much you learn!  I’ll work to make sure you have the right support and activities that challenge you.

Exercise- Exercise not only helps your body, it helps your mind learn new things! Come to school ready to move. Please wear shoes you can run and jump in every day.

Friends, Family, and Fun- We’ll get to know each other well and support each other’s learning. We’ll tell our families what we’re up to and welcome them to join us. In our classroom you’ll have a chance to play games and every few months we’ll celebrate everyone whose had a birthday.











Classroom Engagement Plan

I support students in making positive behavior choices and strengthening their social skills each day. The plan gives details about these  supports.

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