This school year 2017-18 we will be doing three - 4th/5th Multiage classrooms at Pratt.  The team will consist of Ms. Kruse, Ms. Pantsari and Ms. Sievert.  We are so excited to be working together and working in multiage classrooms.  I have put together some links to articles to help explain what multiage classes are as well as to provide research about multiage classrooms.  i have also put links to the state standards so that you can compare what the kids learn at each grade level so you can see the similarities and differences between the two grades.  


Links to Multiage Classrooms

Multiage Concept Explained

Choosing Multiage

BCTF Research Report on Split-Grade and Multi-Age Classrooms

K-12 Classrooms:  Research Review of Multigrade, Multiage, Combination Classrooms

Differentiated Instruction, Flexibility Make Multi-Age Classes Work

Guided Math Multi-Age Teaching Blog



English Language Arts K-12 Standards (click top link on the site to get pdf)

Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards in Mathematics (2007) (click on the 2nd link from the bottom to get the pdf)

Fourth Grade Curriculum Learning Guides - English

Fifth Grade Curriculum Learning Guides - English

Fourth Grade Curriculum Learning Guides - Somali

Fifth Grade Curriculum Learning Guides - Somali