Welcome to 5th Grade in Room 205


My name is Mary Pantsari, and this is my second year teaching 5th grade at Pratt Community School!  I grew up in Shoreview, a suburb of St. Paul, MN.  I went to the University of Minnesota for my bachelors and masters degrees in education.  I spent two years teaching 6th grade math at Lucy Craft Laney Community school in North Minneapolis, and two years prior to that I taught 8th grade math at Oltman Middle School in St. Paul Park.  Elementary has always been my passion, and I am so excited to live out that dream with the amazing and welcoming Pratt community!

When I am not at work, I can be found at many of the public festivities in and around Minneapolis.  I love to take advantage of the bike trails, races, and beaches around the city.  Often,I can be spotted at many Twins and WIld games as well.  When I am not out and about enjoying what Minneapolis has to offer, I love reading a good book and then talking with my students all about what an amazing read I've found!

Here's to making this year an educaitonal, enjoyable, exciting and fun school year!


Mary Pantsari



As a fifth grader, I think it important to start developing a sense of autonomy and accountability.  Therefore, in addition to the assigned 20-30 minutes of homework, I expect that each Monday-Thursday students are:

1.  Reading atleast 30 minutes per day.

2.  Studying their spelling words (which vary by student grouping, as do their testing days).

These are things that I do not monitor, but insist that my students should be doing.

Math Practice Links

Online math resources aligned with each unit of study.

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