Academic News

Our reading series is called Good Habits, Great Readers.  We will be continuing to work with leveled readers (just right for you books) for our independent reading and guided reading groups.  All the children  use a reading seat sack to store their independent reading books and journals.  Seat sacks are bags that hang on each child's chair and keeps their book choices readily available. Students are grouped by reading level for instruction Monday- Thursday.  On Friday, students participate in Book Clubs that are interest based.

If you are looking for website to help you find books for your child, here is a suggestion you may want to check out:

Our current science unit is called Force and Motion.  In this unit, your child will learn about balancing objects.  A balanced object is in a stable position, it will wobble if touched and then come back to it's original position.  Objects that are not stable will fall.  The children  also learn that some objects need counter weights to allow them to balance.  Counter weights always "go below" the balance point. The second phase of the unit focuses on spinning and rolling.  Your child will create a variety of spinning tops, rollers and ramps.  The children investigate the roll weight plays in rolling and spinning.  

In Minneapolis we use Guided Math.  All math instruction is determined by the Minnesota State Standards.  At Pratt we have both classroom instruction and Focused Math.  Focused Math topics change every six weeks.  Students are divided into needs based groups.  The groups are adjusted weekly as students gain skills.  Our current target is rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.  Then the children use rounding to estimate and solve addition and subtraction problems that use both two and three digit numbers.  Classroom instruction in room 209 is center based.  Students receive instruction in small groups from the teachers (Ms. Swan and Ms. Craft) and then work on skills in centers that are differentiated by student needs.

Students will be using a website called MobyMax.  MobyMax can be found at  At this website, students can select from 10 different academic subjects such as math, science, vocabulary and literature. Each child has  their own unique login and password, and can login from any computer with an internet access.  The children earn game time by completing academic tasks.