Historical Biography Project

     Each year third grade students choose a United States historical figure to learn about.  They read multiple biographies and atricles about their person as well as watch videos to really understand what they were about.  They use note taking skills, create a timeline, write a five paragraph paper (intro, early life, adult life, accomplishments/obstacles, and conclusion), design a trifold board and prepare a speech.  We have a day where all the other classes, parents/family, and staff come to see their biography boards and hear them present their person.  This project covers a lot of standards in reading, writing, social studies and science.

     With our biographies we go into detail about American History starting in 1619 with the first slave ships through present time.  We introduce the Revolutionary War, Civial War, World War I, World War II and the Civil Rights Movement.  Children place their chosen people in that time period to help make sense of what was happening at the time their person was alive.



Some helpful websites for researching their person:

 Encyclopedia Britannica - biographies 


Famous Leaders for Young Readers

Great Websites for Kids - Biographies

dmoz - Biographies

Resources for completing their project board:



Videos about the different time periods:

History channel about slavery