Gus - Juvenile Bearded Dragon

Our family has had reptiles since our oldest child developed an interest from attending classes at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  In fact, his 25 year-old ball python is still living in his classroom.  I have been taking care of reptiles for twenty-five years and have had them in my classroom my whole career in MPS.  There is no danger to the children and hands are washed on the rare occasions that we handle them.  

We share our room with two reptiles...  

Jake is a ball python adopted when one of my past students lost interest in having him as a pet.  

Jake - Ball Python
He eats small rats.  Students have the option to leave the room when I occasionally feed him in front of the students.  In twenty years I have yet to have a student who could resist watching during feeding time.

Gus is our bearded dragon, who hatched in July of 2012.  I purchased him from Twin City Reptiles, close to  Pratt on University Avenue.  He eats greens, fruits, vegetables, crickets and mealworms.  He is feisty and not fond of human hands entering his habitat...unless food comes with them!  He is quite a character and very entertaining.