Demographics of Pratt

Pratt currently has 303 students enrolled in Pre-K through fifth grade.

There are two classes at every grade level that have between 20-25 students each.

Approximate breakdown of student population by ethnicity:
24% White American
40% African
20% African-American
7% Asian-American
7% Native American
1% Hispanic
1% Other

Approximately 7% receive special education services, 20% receive English-language learning services, and 72% qualify for free or reduced lunch.

As a result, the school is diverse across racial, ethnic and socio-economic boundaries.

The school draws from the surrounding Prospect Park/East River Road, Luxton/Glendale neighborhood and families from all over the metro area are welcome to attend. Most students walk to school, buses currently serve the 2A and 2B attendance areas.  Families from outside those busing areas must provide their own transportation.