Here are homework opportunities for students.

1.    Weekly homework packets (with a reading passage related to our science/social studies and a math worksheet on the unit we are studying.  The homework will come home on Tuesday and is due on Friday of the same week. 

2.    Read for 10 minutes X your grade level (10 X 4th grade  = 40 minutes a day, 10 X 5th grade = 50 minutes a day) every day.  Even when kids can read independently, please continue to do some reading aloud to them.  When doing a read aloud choose a book that is a little above their own ability level independently.  It is good for them to hear fluent readers read.  A weekly visit to your public library is highly recommended.  Each child should have a library card of his/her own.

3.    Math and reading games are highly encouraged (“war”, “go fish”, UNO, Scrabble, Boggle and many other card, dice and board games).

4.    Another fun ways for kids to study is to use the internet websites and watch learning videos and play learning games.  Check subject specific areas on my website for video and internet resources.

5.    Other enrichment activities:

a.    Attend children’s plays and concerts.

b.    Go to museums, zoos, parks and art galleries.

c.     Enroll in Community Education programs or take classes in something that interests them (karate, swim, dance, musical instrument, pottery, painting, etc)