Homework Routines

Homework folders will begin going home on the first full week of school.  Every night, Monday through Thursday, there is the expectation that every student will read for 20 minutes and have the reading contract (in the homework folder) for that date signed by an adult.  There is a math contract as well for daily math practice. The homework folder only goes home when there is school the next day.  For example, if we only have school on Monday through Wednesday, the contract would only be signed on Monday and Tuesday.  The contracts reflect these short weeks.

Your child may read silently, read aloud, or be read to by you.  It is at your discretion whether or not you feel the child read for 20 minutes and should have the contract signed.  You may also decide if you want to have your child read over the weekend or at another time and “bank” the minutes to cover nights when your schedule is hectic.  Your child may miss two days of the contracts a month without any consequences.  I will also excuse children on the nights of school events.

            The math contract is for 10 minutes of math practice on basic facts or basic skills. There are suggested websites and games included.  Games such as Yahtzee are also wonderful for math practice.  This practice is in addition to any math work that is sent home as homework.

            The Homework Folder must be returned to school the next day with the homework in it or there are consequences.  Hold your child responsible for this task to help prepare them for handling the homework from many different classes in middle school.

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