Science Subjects covered in summer school are:

1.  How we Learn (using our five senses:  seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching) - Days 1-5

I can use my five senses to learn about our world.

I can observe objects using my five senses.

I can name the body part used for each sense.


The Five Senses Do Bionic Show

The Five Senses Song Silly School Songs

How Your Eyes Work

How Your Nose Works

Special Senses Hearing

Guess the Sounds Game

Sense of Touch

How Your Tongue Works


2.   Animals - Days 6-9

I can identify the differences between living and nonliving things.

I can investigate different kinds of animals and their body parts.

I can learn different animals have different habitats.

I can learn that living things need food, water, air, shelter, and space.

I can learn how animals change as they grow.


Living Things and Non Living Things

Insect Body Parts

Birds Educational Video for Kids

Mammals Educational Videos for Kids

Home Sweet Habitat

Animal Habitats by Learning Junction

Needs of an Animal Song

Reptiles Educational Videos for Kids

3.   Plants - Days 10-13

I can identify a plant as a living thing.

I can discuss what a plant needs to grow (space, air, food, light, soil, water).

I can identify the parts of a plant.

I can talk about how plants change as they grow.

I can closely examine a variety of seeds and other small objects.

I can describe and sort seeds according to their properties.

I can sort objects that are seeds and which are not.


The Needs of a Plant Song

The Parts of a Plant Song

Types of Seed Cases

Plants Feed Me (parts of the plants we eat)

Plant Parts and their Functions


4.  Sorting - Comparing Objects that are alike and different - days 14-17

I can use my senses to gather information about objects (such as their color, shape, and texture)

I can use descriptive vocabulary.

I can use the word properties to discuss color, shape, and texture.

I can compare, sort, and group objects by one physical attribute.


Sorting by Attributes

Classifying and Sorting First Grade


5.  Weather - days 18-21

I can understand the different types of weather and their characteristics.

I can identify if weather is cloudy, rainy, snowy, windy, or sunny.

I can examine how changing weather and seasons affect Earth and living and nonliving things.

I can examine ways to observe and measure weather.

I can discuss tools used to measure weather.

I can discuss the phenomenon of weather and its effects on my life.


Be a Weather Watcher

Weather, Different Seasons

Cloud Facts for Kids