Levels of Service 1

Level of Serive 1 - is for all students.   It is done through the interest of students and their learning preferences.  It is done through choices of activities wtihin the core curriculum.  It includes enrichment opportunities like field trips, service learning, guest speakers and residencies.  

     Here is an example of what the first level of service looks like at school, home and in the community.


·      Differentiation

·      Flexible grouping

·      Individual learning styles

·      Field Trips

·      Guest Speakers and Presenters

·      Service learning

·      Enrichment of core curriculum

·      Residencies


Pratt (some examples)

·      Differentiation in reading books and small group instruction

·      Each grade level goes on different field trips

·     100 Strong,  CONNECT Concert

·      Pennies for Patients





Home/Parents  & Family


·      Read

·      Manage tv and Xbox (less is better)

·      Monitor homework

·      Go on “field trips” with the family

·      Apply constructive discipline

·      Model your talents and interests



Home (some examples)

·      Play strategy games like:  tic-tac-toe, chess, checkers, Clue, Master Mind and several card games.

·      Take your kids to the zoo, museums, art galleries and the library

·      Attend concerts and theatre

·      Go hiking, camping and on nature walks

·      Volunteer at a nursing home

·      Join parent/child book club

·      Introduce your child to sports



·      Places:  zoo art and science museums

·      Events:  concerts, plays, fairs

·      People:  resource programs, mentorships

·      Groups:  scouting, religious, Junior Achievement

·      Programs:  after school, community education, summer camps