Pratt Community School Library


My name is Gini Sanchez (Ms. Gini). I am an Assistant Educator (AE). My main roles are Library Clerk, Assessment Coordinator, and Volunteer Coordinator. This is my fourth year working at Pratt Community School.

I have a BA in Business and Intercultural Studies from Metropolitan State University, and a MA in Liberal Studies from Hamline University. 

I'm originally from France and have been living in the US since 2000, mostly in the Twin Cities, with a brief stay in Danbury, CT. I grew up in a ski resort in the French Alps, near Albertville (France). I love reading, enjoying the snow, reading, enjoying winter, and reading ;o)  Where I grew up, it can snow in July or August, so even a long MN winter does not feel too horrible.

I have two children who are currently enrolled at Pratt Community School. You might, therefore, see me and my family at drop off or pick up time, or a school events.

I work from 9:45 to 4:15pm, Monday through Friday. If you need to meet with me (to pay a fee, return a book, check on volunteering needs, etc.), please check with the School Secretary first to make sure I am not with a class or proctoring a test. The easiest way to contact me is via email at

Our school library has over 12,000 books, which is corresponds to more that 40 books per student. I order new books at least once a year using district allocation, cash donations, and money collected from fees.

Students come to the library once a week.

  • Students in High 5 and Kindergarten have a weekly storytime.
  • Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade can check out up to two books per visit. They may renew their books up to three times.


Please watch the video below to check how to take good care of your library books at home.
Remember, my favorite place for your child's school library books is in their backpack.


PDF Book Check Out information and book care tips   --  This documents give information about our Library books check out procedures, along with tips about how to take care of library books.