Overdue, Lost, and Damaged Books
If a book is damaged, please bring it back. I might be able to repair the book.
If I cannot repair the item, or if after looking everywhere --even in the fridge, you never know, books hide in all sorts of places!-- you cannot locate your library item(s), your family needs to pay a replacement fee (cash or check to Pratt Community School) for the item.
I understand that paying for a lost or damaged book can create financial hardship for familes, which is why you can also bring book(s) in new or like new condition to trade. Make sure to include a note or talk to me so that I know who is making a trade. The value of the traded books needs to match or exceed the value of the lost items.

4th and 5th graders may work out their fines doing library work (scanning, reshelving, sorting donations, etc...)
Please know that it might take me up to several months to add traded books to the library. Payments, on the other hand, allow me to order brand new books, based on students, teachers, staff, and parents recommendations. I can get these new books into students' hands much faster.

Thank you!
Ms. Gini
(Adapted from the The Minneapolis Public Schools Overdue, Lost, and Damaged Book Policy)