Our mission is to work together to create a safe, challenging and nurturing environment conducive to learning and development.  We will provide Pratt students with the essential skills, habits, knowledge and experiences to be creative problem solvers, critical and independent thinkers, caring, empathetic and productive citizens in a global society.


We, the Pratt Community School envision students who are inspired to become life-long learners by providing a rich and rigorous educational experience; while valuing the individual needs of every child.  We honor diversity and foster a strong sense of community and social responsibility among students, families, staff and community members.  We strive to grow through continuous learning, teamwork, and shared leadership to ensure continuity in the curriculum and to reinforce Pratt as a vibrant center of learning. 

  1. We value and honor the individual diversity in our students, families, staff and community.
  2. We establish our relationship through open and honest communication.
  3. We are committed to the support of each other, inclusion of our community for the success of our students.
  4. We focus on the uniqueness of each student as an important individual who can learn.
  5.  Every child and family will feel valued and welcome in Pratt Community School