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MPS Strategic Plan 2020


At MPS, we believe in the potential of all students to succeed. With our current strategic plan, we laid out a vision of every child college and career ready, and while we have made good progress, we are not there yet.

The time is right to engage with our community, recommit to our shared goals and define how we are going to accelerate our progress. This is the work of creating our strategic plan through 2020.

MPS’ current strategic plan was created in 2007 and will expire in 2014. The new proposed plan is not a ‘start over’ plan – it’s a recommitment to many major priorities that are mid-stream. Our focus is on accelerating student achievement. We must continue to prioritize and align our work to facilitate successful implementation and results. Management structures are being built for ongoing monitoring and adjustment. We invite MPS families and the community to engage with us to define and commit to our shared work.

Below are different ways to engage in learning more or being a part of MPS’ Strategic Plan 2020:

  • Visit the strategic plan website
  • View the draft Strategic Plan 2020 document (Hmong, Somali, and Spanish coming soon)
  • Take the survey
  • Join us for the community engagement session on Monday, June 9, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the MPS Davis Center