January 20, 2016


Dear Families,


         We are now in the second half of the school year.  Many things are happening in grade 2. Last week we finished the MAP tests.  We also finished with our reading fluency/comprehension tests (Fountas and Pinell) in reading and interim tests in both reading and math.  All these tests are used to evaluate growth and help us plan for instruction. We look forward to seeing you during parent-teacher conferences in a few weeks when we can talk about your child’s results. You can call Ms. Stewart in the school office to reserve a conference time.  (612-668-1122).  For your convenience, we’ve attached are calendars with upcoming events for the next two months.  New calendars will come later in the year.


In reading, we are starting something new: book clubs!  We will have regular reading centers Monday-Thursday where children are grouped by strengths.  On Friday, students will be grouped by their interests, in book clubs.  They will choose a book to read and discuss.  Students will take turns leading the discussion and recording their group responses.


Math has also changed.  We are now doing something called parallel instruction.  The class is divided so each teacher has a smaller group and students get more individual attention.  Our small focus math groups are working on rounding numbers; we’re starting with tens and 100’s and will move onto larger numbers.  Once we have mastered rounding, then next step will be to use rounding to estimate addition and subtraction problems.


Next week we will start out new science unit- Force and Motion.  In this unit, students learn about what it takes to balance an item.  Then they will move onto ramps and rolling.  We end the unit with trying to build a whole class “rollercoaster” using pipe insulation pieces, tape and marbles.


If you have any questions, please call us at 612-668-1122 or email me at


Ruth Craft and Alexa Swan