Links to science websites

Earth Science - Sun, Moon and Stars Unit

Learning Targets:

I can describe the daily position of the sun and explain how it changes with the seasons.

I can recognize the pattern of the moon's shape and movement.

I can explain how distance affects how large an object appears to be.

I can explain the orbits of the Earth, moon and sun.

I can explain how shadows form and can change.


Bill Nye the Science Guy - Planets & Moons

Bill Nye the Science Guy - The Sun

Bill Nye the Science Guy - The Moon


Astronomy for Kids

Astronomy with a stick

NASA's student website

Solar Eclipse page

Welcome to the Planets

Women at NASA

Mystery Class

Sunlight and the Seasons


Physical Science - Science Energy and Properities of Matter

Learning targets:

I can explain how energy can appear in different forms.

I can describe how light travels.

I can measure with accuracy using the metric system.

I can describe and compare the different properties of matter.

I can explain how states of matter change.

I can explain ways to generate heat.


Bill Nye the Science Guy - Phases of Matter video

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Energy video


Energy Kids

Science Kids - states of matter


Life Science - Living Systems

Learning Targets:

I can analyze the structures that help living things grow, reproduce, and survive.

I can compare the characteristics, structures and behaviors of plants and animals.

i can articulate the similarities and differences between inherited and acquired characteristics.

I can give examples of differences among individuals that help them reproduce and survive.



FOSS Structures of Life Kit

Structures of Life


Bird Beaks

Bird Beak and Feet

Human Skeleton for Kids

Owl Pellet Disection

Seed Parts, Germination and Seed Dispersal

Parts of a Seed

Seed Disection

Observe isopods part 1

Observe isopods part 2


Rader's Biology 4 Kids

Biology of Plants

NOAA's Ark

United States Department of Agriculture

U.S. Geological Survey Ecosystems

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Minnesota Zoo

Como Zoo

Science Museum of Minnesota

Raptor Center MN

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum