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Mapping My World

Learning Targets:

I can describe places in my community, state and country.

I can identify landforms and patterns in the population, and explain why human populations are unevenly distributed around the world.

I can identify different types of boundaries on a world map and explain why they exist.


Maps - an Intro for Kids


Google Maps

World Atlas

United States Map Game

Latitude and Longatitude Game

Geonet Game

Sample Map

My Community USA

Learning Targets:

I can describe how individual rights and democracy shape life in the United States.

I can describe the importance of services provided by the government.

I can explain how government services are funded by taxes and fees.

I can identify the three branches of government (executive, judicial and legislative) and explain their roles.

I can explain how the actions of the individuals or groups helped shape the world around them. 

I can give examples of individual or groups that haove an impact on world history.


U.S. Presidential Election 2016/17 Explained

How to Become President of the United States

Kids Explain 3 Levels of Government


Ben's Guide

Branches of Government Poster


Ancient Civilizations

Learning Targets:

I can compare/contrast the daily lives of different people living in ancient times.

I can explain how ancient civilizations were influenced by the environment.

I can compare/contrast various ways that different cultures have expressed concepts of time and space.

I can examine historical records and artifacts to answer and explain basic questions about times and events in history, both ancient and more recent.

I can explain how inventions change people's lives.

I can create timelines to record important historical events.



GRAPES of History song

History Channel Inca Video

History Channel Maya Video

History Channel Aztecs Video

History Channel Ancient Egypt

How Civilization Began - Youtube



Ancient History - Mr. Donn

Aztec Civilization - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Ancient Egypt - The Brittish Museum

Ancient Rome - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Social Studies for Kids

Ancient Civilization for kids

BBC Ancient Civilizations

History for Kids Egypt

History for Kids Greece

History for Kids Rome

History for Kids China

Economics in our Community

Learning Targets:

I can identify possible costs and benefits of different choices.

I can describe what it takes to produce a specific good or service.

I can explain why there is a limited supply of goods and services.

I can explain how income helps people secure their needs and wants.

I can describe the role of consumers in the economy.

I can describe the role of producers in the economy.



Cost Benefit Analysis

Goods and Services

Supply and Demand Explained in One Minute

Needs and Wants