Fourth Grade Science Units (will be taught in 2018-19 and 2020-21)

Electricity and Magnatism (Physical Science)

I can measure with accuracy, using the metric system (

I can identify the properties of magnets.  (

I can compare materials that are conductors and/or insulators of heat or electricity.  (

I can explain ways to generate heat energy. (

I can crate and explain a simple electrical cicuit. (

I can construct and explain an electromagnet. (


Properities of a Magnet

Electrical Circuits - series and parallel

Series and Parallel Circuits

How Eletricilty is Made

What is a magnet?

Bill Nye Magnetism Part 1

Bill Nye Science Guy Magnetism


Rocks (Earth Science)

I can use evidence to classify rocks and minerals. (,

I can measure with acduracy, using the metric system. (


Be a Rock Detective

3 Types of Rocks


Interactives Rock Cycle

The Virtual Egg Carton

Mining and Mineral Resources in Minnesota


Water and Earth (Earth Science and Physical Science)

I can describe and compare the different properties of matter.  (

I can explain how states of matter change. (

I can explain how heat is transfered. (

I can explain how water collects and moves through the earth. (

I can describe how water use affects water supply and quality.  (

I can measure with accuracy, using the metric system.  (



Diseases, Germs and Defenses (Microworlds)

I can explain the body's defense systems. (

I can give examples of diseases for which vaccines have been creatd. (

I can measure wiht accuracy, using the metric system.  (