Pratt Achievers

East Side Neighborhood Services and Pratt Community School partner to provide a variety of fun, enriching and academic after school programs. After school programs are designed to close the achievement gap, help all students meet or exceed grade level benchmarks, and further develop interpersonal skills.


Our aftershool Programing begins on September 24th!

School Achievers Kindergartners, first and second graders meet on Mondays and Tuesdays to practice foundational math and reading skills. Learning happens in small groups through songs, games, and other activities. 

Math Mavens Students from 3rd – 5th meet every Monday and Wednesday to improve their math skills. By the end, the learner should be able to: develop a positive attitude towards learning Mathematics. Perform mathematical operations and manipulations with confidence, speed and accuracy.

Physical Education Students engage in physical activities that help build teamwork, social learning and an active lifestyle.

Y-Mentors Ten dedicated college students provide group mentoring, allowing Pratt youth the opportunity to meet positive role models and build team skills. Mentors and students engage in activities around literacy and healthy living.

GEMS/GISE The GEMS and GISE programs are award-winning science programs that energize students' excitement about the possibilities in cutting-edge science. The goal of these programs is that students have measurable and significant gains in mathematics and science.

Academic Support Students needing extra support with any subject can meet with our licensed teacher to get more support in areas they feel weak in. The provided additional support will aid students in gaining more confidence in their academics as well as state testing.