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K Drawings
Kindergarten-Directed Drawings of Martin Luther King, Jr.

 For the 2020-21 school year, Pratt includes the following classes:

  • 2 High 5 (1 morning and 1 afternoon)
  • 2 All Day Kindergarten
  • 2 each of Grades 1-3
  • 1 Grade 4
  • 1 Grade 4/5
  • 1 Grade 5 

 We also provide physical education, art, and enrichment as specilist classes. Some students receive additional support from our Special Education Resource or English Language Learner teachers. T

Curriculum at Pratt
The outstanding teachers at Pratt work collaboratively to provide an effective teaching and learning environment, and an environment that is inviting to students and their families. Students are provided with an individualized learning plan and a variety of teaching strategies to meet their needs. During the school year, elementary students focus on core subjects which will best prepare them for future studies. Our curriculum includes language arts, Good Habits Great Readers literacy curriculum, Readers and Writers Workshop, spelling, language usage and Math Investigations curriculum. Students are also engaged in the study of science, social studies and physical education. In addition, technology and the arts are integrated throughout the curriculum that is standards-based and aligned with our School Improvement Plan and district initiatives. Our instructional day is supported by our extended learning activities: before and after-school child care program and After-School Achievers/Area Learning Center tutoring and academic program. Students are also able to participate in the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring. The After-School Achievers program is offered Monday through Thursday.