Welcome to Enrichment!

This is the inaugural year for Pratt’s Enrichment Class, and I’m thrilled to be teaching it.  This is my twenty-seventh year with the Minneapolis Public Schools. Seventeen of those years have been at Pratt - as a classroom teacher, Math Specialist and Instructional Coach.


Enrichment Class includes a broad range of experiences for students including STEM, Theater, Music and Creative Writing.

K-3 Music instruction will be provided by Artist-in-Residence, Katy Hays – focused on vocal music.  I am currently securing Music Artists-in-Residence programs for Music for 4/5 - focused on instrumental music.


I’m open to ideas/participation from Pratt families! If you would like to share a talent/knowledge with Pratt students, please feel free to email me: Jane.Greene@mpls.k12.mn.us.