Frequently Asked Questions

What is my child is late for school?

Our classroom doors open at 8:55am.  We take attendance daily by 9:10am.  If your child is late, please go with him/her to check in at the office and to get a pass before coming into the classroom.  That way we know that the attendance has been corrected and your child will not be counted as absent.

What if my child needs breakfast? 

Breakfast is available to all students.  If a child needs breakfast they should go to the lunchroom to get a breakfast and bring it to the classroom to eat it.  Breakfast is served from 8:55-9:10am, so come on time!! 

What if I need to pick up my child early from school?

Please email or send a not in advance, or call the office at 612-668-1122.  There is a sign-out sheet in the Main Office; be sure to use it when picking up your child.  The office will give you a pass (to hand to the teacher) so you can go to your child’s room to pick him/her up.

What if I am picking my child up instead of sending them home on the bus?

Pleases let us know by email or call the office at 612-668-122.  If possible please come a bit early before dismissal and meet us outside in the amphitheater.  If we don’t receive notification and don’t see a parent outside at dismissal we are to send students home on the bus, or their usual mode of transportation.

What if my child needs to ride a different bus home?

Let the office know early in the morning and a bus pass will be issued.  You can call the office at 612-668-1122.

What if my child is too sick to come to school?

Call the health attendance line at 612-668-1122.  We want your child to be well and they should stay home if they are too ill.  Contact the nurse with any health questions.

What if we are going on a trip and my child will miss school?

Call the office and let them know the dates you will be gone.  There is a vacation form that needs to be filled out and authorization from the administration.  Also email or write the teachers to let us know.

What if we can’t afford a school asked-for expense (like a field trip)?

Scholarships are available.  Absolutely no child will ever be denied an opportunity due to financial reasons.

What if I want to bring a birthday treat for my child’s class?

Please do not send any food treats to school for the children.  There are to many life threatening food allergies these days, so we won’t be doing food treats in class.  If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday consider donating a book to the class from your child in recognition of his/her birthday.

What if the answer to my question isn’t answered here?

Please write me a note, email me ( or contact the office at 612-668-1122.