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Health & Safety for In-Person Learning

Minneapolis Public School's (MPS) health and safety protocols are guided by the State of Minnesota's Safe Learning Plan for 2020-2021. Since the beginning of the school year, Pratt's Health and Safety Team has been working to prepare the school for in-person learning. You'll find asnwers to many questions regarding In-Person and/or Distance Learning on the MPS FAQ's webpage (link below). Additionally, you'll find a more detailed breakdown of safety protocols on the MPS Health & Safety webpage (link below).

Once we have information about how many students and staff will be returning to in-person learning, we'll be able to provide further detail about Pratt protocols (lunch, recess, teacher assignments, ect.) and will share that with families directly and will post it here, on our website. 

We understand families have many factors to consider before deciding if in-person or distance learning is the best choice for thier child/family. If you're not able to find the answers you need to make your decision, please contact one of the following staff members who are happy to assist you. 

Eric Ziegler (Social Worker): 612-668-1119

Mustafe Duale (Associate Educator): 612-298-8975

Jennifer McGraw (Family & Community Liaison): 612-668-1106


Frequently Asked Questions regarding In-Person/Distance Learning


MPS Health & Safety Guidlines