1.  Reading (20 - 30 minutes a day total, it can be broken down into smaller chunks throughout the day.  LIke when you are riding on the bus or in the car, sitting waiting for appointments, at a siblings sporting event or just before bed.)

A. Read to Self or Read to Someone  - a book of their choosing

B. Benchmark Reading Program - your child has access to the Benchmark books online.  The books can be listened to or read by the student.  They access their account through the Minneapolis Public School Website's Clever account (www.clever.com)

C. MyOn Reading - there are thousands of books for kids to read or listen to.  Kids can access this through www.clever.com. 

D.  Raz Kids - Some students have access to Raz kids (if with Ms. Parks)

E. K12 Reader - free worksheets, spelling lists by grade level (www.k12reader.com)

F.  Lexia Core 5 Reading - phonics to help with spelling patterns and words - students access through their Minneapolis Public School Website's Clever account (www.clever.com).




2.  Math Homework (20 - 30 minutes a day total) which can be broken up into smaller time units.

A.  Dreambox - your child has access to Dreambox through the Minneapolis Public School Website's Clever account (www.clever.com)

B.  Math-Aids.com or Commoncoresheets.com   - lots of great free worksheets by subject area that you can print off.

D.  Multiplication and division facts - please help your child master their facts.  They need to know the basic 1 digit x 1 digit, before they can be real successful with 2 digit by 2 digit and 2 digit by 3 digit multiplication they need to be able to do!

E.  Play Games - there are lots of fun games that incorporate math with them (Yahtzee, Cribbage, etc.)


3.  Enrichment Activities

A.  Enroll your child in a sport or activitiy they are interested in learning about or doing (soccer, basketball, track, karate, musical instrument, singing, acting, circus, gymnastics).

B.  Take your child to museums (science, history, art), plays, state parks, MN Zoo, and the library.

C.  Communicate with relatives (write old fashioned letters, send emails, text, call on the phone, visit).