Levels of Support
Levels 1 & 2 - Services Affecting All Students

Level I:  All students have unique interests and learning preference, and they benefit from exposure to possible new interest areas into, through and beyond the core curriculum.  In partnership with support staff, families and the community, teachers modify, adapt and extend the core in response to interests and learning preferences. 

  • Who:  All students
  • What: Enrichment of core curriculum and exposure to possible areas of interest
  • How:
    1. Assessment of interest and learning preferences
    2. choices of learning activities within the core curriculum which are based on interest and/or learning preferenc
    3. Other enrichment opportunities like:
    • field trips
    • service learning
    • guest speakers
    • residencies
  • When & Where:  Throughout the school day within the classroom

Level II: Many but not all students deepen areas of interest through school-based enrichment opportunities.  Students are encouraged to explore areas that provoke curiosity, thereby discovering unique strengths and talents.

  • Who:  Any students showing an interest, propensity or achievement in a particular area
  • What:  School based enrichment providing opportunity to deepen or extend an area of interest or strength
  • How:  Students choose or are invited to participate in additional enrichment programming such as:
    • Band/orchestra
    • Word/Math Masters
    • Destination Imagination
    • Clubs
    • Competitions (geography bee, knowledge bowl)
    • Student council
    • Interest projects
    • Enrichment clusters
  • When & Where:  Before, during and after school


Levels 3 - Services Affecting Small Groups of Students

Level III: Some students with advanced learning needs require services beyond Levels I and II.  The core curriculum is differentiated by the classroom teacher trained to provide greater depth, complexity, novelty and/or pacing based on individual strengths, talents and sustained interests.  Instructional practices for advanced learners and grouping are emphasized at this level.


  • Who:  Students identified as advanced learners
  • What:  Emphasis on qualitative differentiation of the core curriculum with depth, complexity, novelty, and pacing.
  • How:
    • Grouping for core instruction
    • Content with added depth and complexity
    • Focus on critical and creative thinking to solve complex problems within the core content
    • Development of advanced research and product development skills