Welcome to Ms. Mac's 4th/5th Grade Classroom!

My name is Megan MacDonald and this is my second year at Pratt Community School! I earned my M.S. in Education at the University of Minnesota and my Ph.D. in American Studies at Purdue University. I live with my family, including three guinea pigs and many fish, in Minneapolis. 

I am so excited to build a community with our students in Room 207. I am invested in encouraging academic choice to meet the needs of all students in my room, and use Responsive Classroom practices to address any issues that may arise. This means we solve many of our classroom issues using whole class circles for problem solving conversations. You will find that I have very high expectations for all my students and believe they can meet those expectations. I believe every student wants to learn and help each human in my room to set and meet goals, use perseverance and collaboration to succeed at those goals, and challenge ourselves daily to go above and beyond. 

Homework: Monthly Reading Logs are sent home at the beginning of the month in Tuesday Folders. Students read every day and are responsible for recording how long they read on their reading log. At the end of the week, they add up the minutes. 


Questions? Email Ms. Mac at megan.macdonald@mpls.k12.mn.us or call the main office at 612-668-1122. 

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