Monthly Newsletter

November & December


Friendly Reminders:

         11/7 – PBL Election Day

         11/14 – PTO @ 5:30

         11/22 – 11/24 – No School

         12/1 – Picture Retake Day

         12/8 – Breakfast and Books

         12/18 – 12/22 – Super Fun Science Week

         12/19 – PTO @ 5:30

         12/25 – 1/5 – Winter Break


Language Arts:

         We are learning about finding the main idea of an article. During this unit we will focus on reading individual sections, finding key details and main ideas of each section, and using the information we gather to help us find the main idea of the entire text. When we finish the unit we will look at character point of view.



We will be learning about addition with regrouping, subtraction with borrowing, equalities, solving equations with unknowns, solving word problems with unknowns, and revisiting money and telling time.



         We will be learning about solids and liquids. Our focus will be identifying different properties of these two types of matter. We will also be ending the unit with Super Fun Science week! This week will be filled with science experiments that show what happens when solids and liquids are introduced to different temperatures.


Social Studies:

         We have finished our Project Based Learning activity. Our students ran a smooth election. Farhan’s team was the winner! We will begin our next unit which is economics. We will focus on different types of resources, producers and consumers, goods and services, and creating our own business.



We have ended our unit in personal narratives. We will be gin our next unit on informational writing. During this unit students will choose a topic, research the topic and create an All About book.