Levels of Service (LOS)

Level of Service:

Students Involved:

Examples of Services at Pratt:

Level 1 Services:

Differentiation and enrichment of core curriculum


All Students

Reader and Writer Workshop, Artist Residencies,  Dreambox, WOOT Math, All-School Enrichment Options, Field Trips, Guest Speakers

Level 2 Services:

School-based enrichment opportunities


Opportunities are available to all students, but only some will choose to participate.

Clubs, competitions, and enrichment - student council, GEMS/GISE, ALC (after school programs)

Level 3 Services:

Emphasis on qualitative differentiation of the core curriculum with depth, complexity, novelty and acceleration.

Students identified as advanced learners 

Cluster grouping advanced learners, curriculum guides with advanced differentiation, and grouping for core instruction, curriculum compacting and classroom teacers trained in advanced differentiation.

Level 4 Services:

Emphasis on subject or grade acceleration and/or individual learning plans 


Identified students whose needs surpass curricular enhancements/ extensions available in a grade level or subject area 

These are exceptional situations that are dealt with in case by case discussion and decisions.